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Itea and Gulf of Corinth seen from approach to Dephi 7 Reasons to Drive from Athens to Delphi Across the Gulf of Corinth - Drive this route from Athens to Delphi and visit the many ancient sites near Corinth, cross the Gulf via the Rio-Antirion Bridge and enjoy unspoiled Greece
Fountain of Peirene at Ancient Corinth Ancient Corinth: Rich In History, Culture and Religion - Ancient Corinth overcame a turbulent history, became the richest centre in Greece, generated a culture that promoted pleasure and hosted a plethora of religions
Panorama over Delphi Ancient Delphi | The Ruins Tell of Conflict, Religion and Competition - The ruins at Ancient Delphi have captured the Sanctuary of Apollo's roles in conflict and religion, and give insight into its expressive culture and competition
Temple of Apollo at Delphi feature image Delphi: The Temple Of Apollo And Oracle Of Delphi - The Temple of Apollo is a symbol of Greek mythology; and the prophecies and international influence of its Oracle made Delphi the centre of Greece
Feature image of view across the the Sanctuary of Asclepius at Epidaurus Epidaurus: Ancient Healing at the Sanctuary of Asclepius - The Sanctuary of Asclepius at Epidaurus helps us to understand ancient healing based on mysticism and mythology and its transition towards more rational methods
Monastery at Meteora perched on a rock pilllar Meteora: Byzantine Monasteries on Rock Pillars - A visit to the Meteora monasteries means engaging with the history, architecture, religious art and culture of the Byzantine monasteries situated on rock pillars
Mycenae Mycenae: Civilisation And Culture Of A Bronze Age Mycenaean Community - The civilisation and culture of Mycenae has resulted in Mycenae being the finest example of a Bronze Age Mycenaean community in Greece between 1650 to 1100 BC
The stone wall corridor that leads from the citadel entrance at Tiryns to inside the citadel Mycenaean Tiryns - Explore the stone Tiryns acropolis, cyclopean walls, Great Ramp and gates, upper citadel and palace, lower citadel and houses, and the Tiryns Tholos Tombs
The Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus set against the Saronic Gulf Palaia (Ancient) Epidaurus and its Little Theatre - Whether interested in Ancient Epidaurus, its Little Theatre, history or just checking out a base for touring or a weekend away, Palaia Epidaurus is worth a look
Propylon of Hadrian's Library in Athens as a feature image Roman Ruins In Athens - The Roman ruins in Athens which include theatres, propyla, libraries, water courses, bath houses and temples are the Roman contribution to Athens’ restoration
Acropolis at Athens from the Olympieion The Acropolis at Athens| Greatness As “Grace and Beauty” - The Acropolis is a symbol of the history of the greatness and beauty of Athens and home to unchallenged architectural grace and artistic achievement
Image shows general expanse and layout of Agora at Athens The Ancient Agora: Stroll Through the History of Athenian Culture - A visit to the ruins of the ancient Agora retells the history of the Agora and its role in the development of Athens' culture, commerce and religion
Image shows the Areopagus from ground level The Areopagus in Athens: Paul’s Encounter With Mythology and History - The Areopagus attracts visitors interested in the history of Athenian justice and where religion forked between worship of the Christian God and Greek mythology
Image shows road conditions between Athens and Meteora The Best Way to Get from Athens to Meteora is to Drive - Driving is the best way to get from Athens to Meteora but first review information about car rental, a recommended route, quality of the roads and what to see
Panoramic view of Roman Agora in the foreground of Hadrian's Library The Roman Agora in Athens - The Roman Agora in Athens is distinctively different from the Ancient Greek Agora and represents an empire with different styles of culture, trade and religion
Theatre dimensions at Epidaurus The Theatre at Epidaurus And Why Its Sound Is So Good - The Theatre at Epidaurus is the finest example of an ancient Greek theatre. Trace the history of the theatre and why its acoustics deliver quality sound
Image shows landscape of Bralos Pass What You See as You Drive from Meteora to Delphi - The scenic drive from Meteora to Delphi across varying landscapes is filled with geological snippets and engaging histories from antiquity and World War 2


Cetinje | A Small, Elegant City Of History And Culture - The appealing historical and cultural sights of the small, elegant city of Cetinje include historical buildings, parks, museums, palaces and former embassies
The end of the drive through Montenegro at Kotor Drive From Croatia Through Montenegro to Kotor - The drive from Croatia through Montenegro to Kotor follows the shore of the mountain-framed Kotor Bay to the medieval Kotor Old Town
The main road, the E65, continues through Kotor between the small, pretty port and the western wall Exploring The History and Architecture Of Kotor - A visit to the medieval Old Town of Kotor is both a walk through history and an opportunity to explore the many varied styles of Kotor’s architecture
St Luke's Church in Kotor Old town teaches us a lot about the architecture of the period of its build Kotor: A Closer Look At St Luke’s Church - St Luke’s Church was unscathed from Kotor's earthquakes and the little knowledge we can gain of its post Roman architecture will help us get more from our visit
Mt Stirovnik peeking above afternoon shadow at Lovcen National Park Lovcen National Park: Where Mausoleum Njegos Overlooks A Craggy Landscape - The Lovcen National Park features not only the panoramic Njegos Mausoleum, but also a craggy karst landscape punctauted by forest
Panoramic image of Skadar Lake and its togography Skadar Lake National Park: Things to Do, Ecology and Landscape - At Skadar Lake National Park observe the aquatic ecology of Skadar Lake, ponder the tectonic origin of the curious landscape, or enjoy a range of things to do
The cliff face steps from the Kotor citadel at ground level to the fortress The City Walls, Fortifications and Fortresses of Kotor - A highlight of your visit to Kotor will be to experience Kotor's encompassing city walls and formidable fortifications, and to climb 1350 steps to the fortresses
The Piva Canyon Road between Montenegro and Bosnia The Drive From Montenegro To Bosnia – What To Expect - It has been said that the drive from Montenegro to Bosnia can be dangerous. Here is what to expect of the drive as well as what you will see along the way
Budva Old Town as a background to the marina What to See and Do in Budva - There is much to see and do in Budva, whether for a day or a holiday. Explore the Old Town and enjoy the modern culture of beaches and night life


Tranquil beauty when hiking in the Alps of Bosnia at Lukomir as a hiker rests and absorbs the scenery Hiking In The Alps Of Bosnia At Lukomir - If you wish to experience hiking in the Alps of Bosnia for even a day then don’t forego the chance to hike at the historic village of Lukomir
The Piva Canyon Road between Montenegro and Bosnia The Drive From Montenegro To Bosnia – What To Expect - It has been said that the drive from Montenegro to Bosnia can be dangerous. Here is what to expect of the drive as well as what you will see along the way